Living For Now

Rachel Shields

As English Lake Bible School 2015 fades into the distance and settles into memory, those of us who saw God move powerfully this summer are left whispering to ourselves, “What’s next? Where do we go from here?” After all we’ve learned and seen, how we can go on living as we always have? Having tasted radical community, how can we return to our lives of solitude and independence? These questions continually rest on my mind. I saw God shatter darkness and transform lives, and I don’t want to lose that simply because summer always ends.

Spring and summer are definitely my favorite seasons. The sunshine and budding life remind me that God never gives us up. As autumn approaches and clouds stretch across the skies, I often find myself disappointed because I anticipate winter’s near arrival. I focus so much on the chill I will feel that I forget about the warmth and life I’ve just experienced. I miss God’s beauty even in the death of creation because I live in a state of anticipating and reminiscing.

I follow the same pattern in life. After descending spiritual mountaintops, I often find myself wishing I were in the past and dreading the future. I want to perpetually live in the summer, in the carefree times of growth and fun. When I see these highs waning, I instantly start moving myself to the valleys in preparation for the inevitable winter. Once again, I overlook autumn because I dread winter. I overlook the beauty of dying to myself because I settle into resignation that summer is over and God won’t speak again or show Himself until spring comes again.

God, however, loves to shatter my expectations and expand my perspective. As I question how to maintain the summer’s exuberant life, He reminds me that seasons change. I can’t hold onto the things of summer when winter shows its face. I can’t cling to my spiritual mountaintops when our Shepherd tries to lead me into the valley.

So where do I go from here? How do I adjust to this new season of life that does not carry hours of teaching a day and family-style community? As God carries us in different paths, I don’t want to lose this radical community. Our hope for this blog is to be reminded of what God is doing as life changes. Every family needs communication to survive, and we want this blog to be a place to communicate and rejoice together. We want to remember what He is saying as we adjust to life. We can’t go back to how life was before, and our hearts pull us to step forward together.

Let’s journey together.

-Rachel Shields

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