You're Not Past It


I can tell you all about 2013 Bible School, I can tell you all about 2014 Bible School, and I can tell you all about 2015 Bible School. No I didn't fail, (no such thing) and no I didn't forget everything that had been taught, I simply wasn't past it. Growing up in a christian home and environment, I am no stranger to bible studies, worship services, or quiet time. I've learned from very wise people in my years, and been a part of some awesome God ordained things. One thing I'm finding out is that because (and only because) I've been blessed so richly, and immersed in such God fearing community, as time goes on, it becomes easy to put myself in an exclusive category.

As a person that struggles daily with pride, it's really frustrating when you think you've finally figured things out, and then God sends you back around the same loop you just walked. I find myself so often being resentful of the fact that I need to submit my will to God. Everything in me wants to be independent, moved on, and in a category of my own. I don't want to be spiritually bankrupt. I have news for you though, I am, and you are too. The sooner we realize this the better. I just want to encourage anyone that might feel like they're above a summer of Bible School, there's nothing that could be more valuable. The importance of digging deep in scripture, living a life in close knit community with others, pouring your heart out to God, and reclaiming your identity in him can't be understated.

This isn't another 'spiritual high', it's establishing you in how you will live forever. I've been to tons of summer camps, spiritual retreats, and weekend fests, I promise you this is different. If you take this time seriously to engage with God and engage with others, you will be hugely transformed.

Hopefully I'll see you soon,

- Davey 

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