Praying for the Stutzman’s in Thailand

How you can Help

  1. Pray for their transition back to Thailand Sept
    1. Spiritual & physical strength - so much to be done!
    2. *What to do with their house here in America!
    3. Details - visas, house to rent in Thailand, household items, vehicle.
    4. Needed transition money and monthly
  2. Thailand is a spiritually dark place (Buddhism / Animism [belief in supernatural powers in the universe]). They need prayer warriors!
  3. Rescuing street girls.
  4. **Because this is such a spiritual battle, Debbie is developing a list of people she can text while she is on the street; so we can pray immediately! Contact Karen or Debbie if you want to help in this way!**
  5. Staff at the safe house (Sunshine House). Grace, Nap, Mae, Cheena
  6. Development of projects for the girls to learn job
    1. Growing their scholarship program ($180 scholarships for job training for girls ready to leave SH or for bar girls to get off the streets)
    2. Possible development of other programs (an English teaching program) job placement service, a child sponsorship program (reaching at-risk children for their safety)
  7. Needed: Starting in 2019 - a volunteer from America to come to teach the ESL (English as a second language)

Contact information:


  • You may make any donations to ELC and we will pass it on (please mark it for Stutzman Support or for Sunshine House).
  • Or contact Karen for a link for online donations.
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