Ladies' Ministry

Contact Information

For questions or further information contact:

Erin Good

(219 ) 508-3048

Arneta Hershberger

(219) 508-5781

Ellie Johnston

(574) 207-3196

Karen Lucas

(574) 249-1741

What is Agape

Agape is the name given to the ladies' ministry of ELC (using the New Testament word for 'God-type love'). We hope to bring a nurturing touch into the ELC family that makes people feel cared for; just as women bring that touch into their own homes. We each do this by taking meals at needful times and helping each other in practical ways...opening our arms and hearts to others and expressing God's care to them.

We also minister to the ELC family as a group. All ladies are divided into six groups; each group serving the family in special ways for two months of the year. This includes serving funeral meals, carry-in dinners, etc. Each group also tries to creatively host some special “church family“ event, or minister in a unique way to people in the ELC family.

We pray that the woman's touch we give will cast seeds of hope to people in hard situations, seeds of unity in the body of Christ, and seeds of Jesus-life to those who haven't tasted His love!