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Chat with Charlie

Mike & Jacci Lightfoot

10-8-17 Interview w Charlie

Charlie Adams

Charlie Adams has dedicated himself to developing not just a motivational talk, but a powerful experience on all of the incredible lessons we can take from Lake Placid, New York and the legendary Miracle on Ice of 1980.

Charlie was a 12th grader in February of 1980 when David slew Goliath. Herb Brooks' US Olympic hockey team stunned the mighty Soviets 4-3 en route to the gold. Three months later Charlie would draw strength from them to muster the courage to deliver his Graduation Talk as Senior Class President.

Since then he has delivered over 3000 motivational presentations around the world, but none as passionately as he does for the back story of mystical Lake Placid.

Having made many trips there, interviewed countless people, read over 1500 articles and 20 books, he is dedicated to reaching as many people and events as possible as to the powerful stories and remarkable people that are part of Lake Placid's lore.

Charlie is a graduate of the University of Mississippi and vividly remembers how that 1980 hockey team led so many people in Oxford, MS to watch their first hockey game! He would become an award winning broadcast journalist as sports anchor in markets such as Bakersfield, CA, New Orleans, LA and primarily South Bend, IN. He left TV News in 2005 to devote himself full time to building inspirational programs focused around inspirational places and people, and in the process found himself fascinated by the Lake Placid back story.

When he delivered his first Talks on it, he found that people were riveted to their story, and that their emotions were moved to pride, tears, and resolve. He has delivered this programs to corporate, school/college and church events.

He is the father of three children, including a son, Jack, who is in the United States Navy. His daughter Abby is a student at Potsdam College in New York, near Lake Placid, and his youngest daughter is a middle schooler.

Mike & Jacci Lightfoot

Mike Lightfoot is an American retired college basketball coach known for his career at Bethel College. He was Bethel coach from 1987 to 2017. He was the fastest winning coach in college basketball history, he reached the 300, 400, and 500 win plateau faster than any other coach.

He was inducted into the NAIA Hall of Fame in 2009. He coached both of his sons, Robbie and Ryne. Ryne is now an assistant coach at Bethel alongside his father at Bethel.

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