Life in the Spirit

Shane Good

The Holy Spirit is the sign of us being the newly formed people of God and also the means or the empowerment by which we live this new life. The main take away is that we can walk by the Spirit which is the way we live this new life out. We have the Holy Spirit in us and we can relate to one another and the world in the way God planned and purposed!

Erin & Shane Good


Shane & Erin Good

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Shane & Erin have been serving as leaders here at English Lake since 2007 & have been leading the Elder team since 2011. They have been married since 2000 and they have twins, Klyvlnd & Kaylyn. Shane grew up here in North Judson and has attended English Lake for most of his life.

Shane & Erin both attended Purdue University and in 2004 they also attended King’s Bible College in Oxford, England.

Shane is on staff part time for the church and spends much of his time on leading the team at ELC, discipling groups or individuals, and in community investment.

They currently reside in West Lafayette, IN.

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