Family Genes Part 3: Leadership

Steve Lucas & Shane Good

Ephesians 4:7, 11-13

What is leadership and how is it to be expressed within the body of Christ? God's heart is that the fullness of Christ be expressed through the church, which is His body, to the world around us. Leadership is one part of that. It is a gift given to individuals to be exercised as a needed part of the body in order to express this fullness of Christ. Leadership is not a position, office or status that advantages one person over others. Part of our family DNA is that we embrace team leadership that is not hierarchical, domineering or authoritarian.

Erin & Shane Good


Shane & Erin Good

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Shane & Erin have been serving as leaders here at English Lake since 2007 & have been leading the Elder team since 2011. They have been married since 2000 and they have twins, Klyvlnd & Kaylyn. Shane grew up here in North Judson and has attended English Lake for most of his life.

Shane & Erin both attended Purdue University and in 2004 they also attended King’s Bible College in Oxford, England.

Shane is on staff part time for the church and spends much of his time on leading the team at ELC, discipling groups or individuals, and in community investment.

They currently reside in West Lafayette, IN.


Karen & Steve Lucas

Leadership Team

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Steve and Karen LucasSteve and Karen have a long history with English Lake Church. They met in Honduras where Steve had grown up in a missionary family, and Karen was serving in a medical clinic.

Now married with 4 children and 4 grandchildren, Steve serves the English Lake Church family in the Bible teaching realm, and also works as a carpenter. Karen works part time as a pediatric nurse.

Their heart is for the body of Christ here (and worldwide) to be built on a solid Biblical foundation, and to live in the victory it brings.

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