Do not misuse the Name of the Lord & Honor the Sabbath

Steve & Rachel S.

The Third Commandment is to not misuse the Lord’s Name. This goes way past just not using his name when swearing or making promises. It also has to do with actually using His Name well and carrying His Name with us when we go out. We represent His Name to the world – are we misusing it or using it well?  The Sabbath is God’s gift to His people, setting them free and inviting them into deeper relationship with YHWH. The Sabbath is a demonstration of God’s chesed – His unrelenting love and desire to be near His people

Debbie & Steve

Leadership Team

Steve and Debbie have been a part of English Lake since 2011 and involved in leadership since 2015. They were married in 2005 and have 2 daughters. They are on staff part time and use much of that time doing office administration, community and global outreach, and partnership development.

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